Congrats to Ann Bannon on her wildly successful weekend!

‘Yesterday we sold out every copy of ‘Odd Girl Out that you sent to the Mazer Lesbian Archives, and most of the copies of ‘Beebo Brinker.’ 60 women came out in a rain so heavy you could hardly see your hand in front of your face. We had Ivy Bottini (legendary social activist), Robin Tyler (Women’s Music and Comedy Festival producer, and primary litigant against Prop 8—already excoriated on air by Rush Limbaugh), Jinx Beers, founder and publisher of Lesbian News, and dozens of other lesbian celebrities.

I also signed books at the 33rd Annual Paperback Collectors Show and Sale in L.A. that day. Earl Kemp is an extraordinary man who published over 5000 gay male pulp novels in the 60s and 70s and thereby earned the eternal gratitude of a generation of isolated and ostracized young gay men. And Earl is straight! He paid a huge price—jail and hounding from the Feds—but persevered. He cites his occupation as “National Nuisance.” But really, he’s a national treasure.’

We at Cleis Press are so proud! ( Brenda Knight Nancy Fish)

Have you read ‘Odd Girl Out’ or ‘Beebo Brinker’ from her Lesbian Pulp series?