I thought it was a fabulous collection—well worth a read and not just from the sort of ogling perspective (what DO these folks do in their playrooms or bedrooms?), but also from a story perspective. One story was told mostly through a letter from a submissive to her dom, who had asked for a description of how she felt during one of their sessions. Another story was told from the perspective of a submissive woman training her dom. Yes—you read that right. It was any interesting collection of short stories and I read through it in no time. Check it out. You won’t be sorry.

Liz Everly, on The Big Book of Submission edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

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Here’s a relationship book that really shakes things up! Partners in Passion: A guide to great sex, emotional intimacy, and long-term love by Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson discusses topics that are usually forbidden in relationship manuals, including open relating and the societal myths of long term relationships.

Anonymous asked:

Do you know any good books about BDSM but where the female is the dom? I'm starting to think they don't exist...

pervocracy answered:

Honestly, I don’t read it much myself, but Rowdy likes (well, owns? I assume likes) She’s on Top, which is an anthology of female-dominant erotica.

You might also want to check out Circlet Press, which publishes fantasy/sci-fi BDSM erotica in just about every gender configuration.

Cleis Press also has lots and lots of BDSM books, and books like Under Her Thumb and Yes, Ma’am might be up your alley.  (Oy, those covers. But you know what they say.)

Thanks for the mention!