Out Now: Big Book of Submission


Out Now: Big Book of Submission

Big Book of Submission

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It’s out now! Get it if you know what’s good for you ;-) Includes “The Rhino” and full of five star reviews already!


“These stories leave you wanting more. People of all sexualities, gender, and races I believe will really enjoy this book if they have an interest in power play. 50 shades of grey doesn’t stand a chance.”

“A well-curated collection of 69 very short…

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Five stars!

I gave everything I had to Rob, slamming the dildo so deep inside me it bordered on pain, the best kind of pain, as I let him invade my mouth. I’d wanted this invasion, asked for it, negotiated it, and now I delighted in it, all of it. I moaned against his mouth, urging him to come down my throat, and my man of the moment obliged.
from Rachel Kramer Bussel’s “A First Time For Everything,” included in Hungry For More

The Sexy Mad Libs Finale—And the Winner is…


All right everyone. It’s time. I crossed my fingers and toes for all the contestants who entered the Sexy Mad Libs contest hoping to win a copy of Violet Blue’s The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy, and now it’s time to reveal a winner.


Here was the challenge: since I love games, and I was inspired by a round of sexy Mad Libs in my past (eh-hm), I wrote a 300-word flash piece and accidentally…

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"He had her cuffed, her body folded over the ottoman and her hands locked at her low back. The teal Lego minifigure dangled on a [strand of] silk above her face, and Beth stuck out her tongue, trying to reach—but David held her back enough that she’d have to work much, much harder for it.”