Anonymous asked:

Do you know any good books about BDSM but where the female is the dom? I'm starting to think they don't exist...

pervocracy answered:

Honestly, I don’t read it much myself, but Rowdy likes (well, owns? I assume likes) She’s on Top, which is an anthology of female-dominant erotica.

You might also want to check out Circlet Press, which publishes fantasy/sci-fi BDSM erotica in just about every gender configuration.

Cleis Press also has lots and lots of BDSM books, and books like Under Her Thumb and Yes, Ma’am might be up your alley.  (Oy, those covers. But you know what they say.)

Thanks for the mention! 

He circled the bed, never taking his eyes off her, and even blindfolded, she could feel his eyes upon her nakedness, drinking in the curves of her soft, pale skin and the pinkness of her nipples. She blushed, thinking of her legs spread and the agonizing breeze that teased the tender place between her thighs.
from Kristina Wright’s A Princess Bound. Snag your own copy for free here!